The Medical tomography

In the field of medical imaging, the properties of the “Transform Mojette” create a direct mapping and solve the missing wedge problem. However, the image acquisition using the Mojette transform has not been yet developed. The problem of obtaining exact “Mojette” values while using approximated data acquisition has been studied but has to be continued. Besides, the post-processing of medical images is doing well since data acquisition is already done.

These results are used by the company Keosys in 2001 with Jerome Fortineau and the company Qualiformed created in 2006 by Stephen Beaumont. Prof. Guédon and the IRCCyN laboratory were heavily involved in the creation of these two companies. The companies have already financed several PhD students and participated in research projects in order to continue the development of the application in medical tomography. The results have led to apply patents and implementation on their equipment of image processing.