Mojette’ Day 2016

April 21 2016

The discrete Tomography day

Since last year, for the 20th anniversary of the Mojette transform, we welcome you for a special day about discrete transform belonging to the wold of discrete tomography and their use in different applications areas.

This year, the Mojette Day will be a sister conference of the DGCI 2016 (discrete geometry and computer imagery) which will be held in Nantes from April the 18th to the 20th.

You can contribute to this special day by sending your talk proposal (pdf slides) for a 15 minutes presentation which will be followed by a 5 minutes questions round.

Polytech Nantes is happy to welcome the Mojette Day.

The Mojette Day is free and open access but you must register for the lunch.

Previsional program (each talk : 15min talk + 5 min questions)


  • 8H30:  Coffee
  • 9H00: Welcome by Nicolas Normand, Florent Autrusseau and Jeanpierre Guédon
  • 9H10: invited talk: Robert Tijdeman, Mathematical Institute, Leiden University, NederlandTitle: Consistency conditions for discrete tomography
    For continuous tomography Helgason and Ludwig developed consistency conditions. They were used by others to overcome defects in the measurements. Measurements in discrete tomography provide even more `superfluous’ data. In this paper we introduce a consistency criterion for discrete tomography, that is for functions f : A to R where A is a finite subset of Z^2. In contrast to the continuous case, our criterion is expressed directly in terms of the directions. We give a finite set of linear equations which generates all dependency relations which are independent of the set A and the function f.  Potential applications are in cryptography and in noise reduction.
  • 9H50: Preete Gopal, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India : On multi-slice tomographic reconstruction methods
  • 10H10: Coffee break
  • 10H40: Henri Der Sarkissian, Keosys: Comparison of angles sets for Mojette and classical reconstructions
  • 11H00: Imants Svalbe, Monash Univ. Melbourne: Construction of special-purpose nD arrays from Mojette and FRT projections
  • 11H20: Didier Féron, Rozo Systems: High speed RozoFS performances
  • 11H40: Jeanpierre Guédon, Polytech IRCCyN: Mojette phantoms : computation and applications to error correcting codes and to Mojette Game

  • 12H00-14H00: lunch


  • 14H00: Jean Tampon, Virgile Jarry, Guillaume Paulet, Polytech Dpt of computer science: A Mojette based storage web interface
  • 14H20: Nicolas Normand, Polytech IRCCyN: Discrete tomography and polynomial interpolation
  • 14H40: Dimitri Pertin, Polytech IRCCyN RozoFS: Mojette Storage
  • 15H00: Vincent Ricordel, Polytech IRCCyN: Farey-Haros series onto square and hexagonal lattices
  • 15H20: Coffee break
  • 15H50: Benoit Parrein, Polytech IRCCyN, Suayb Arslan, Dimitri Pertin, Alexandre Van Kempen, Nicolas Normand: Is Mojette a Low Density Parity Check code?
  • 16H10: Florent Autrusseau, Polytech IRCCyN, Andrew Kingston: Mojette coding
  • 16H30: Discussions
  • 17H00: end of the Mojette Day. Muscadet party